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  1. God-honoring and self-effacing


We serve with the chief end of seeing God glorified in the churches of Ethiopia and beyond. We do not seek our own honor or fame, but that of our triune God.

   2. Dependent and humble


We realize that our work is in vain unless blessed by Christ the Master-Builder and we express our humility and dependence in prayer, committing ourselves to pray for churches and their leaders, and for ourselves, coveting the prayers of others in our work.

We fight against self-reliance and worldliness. We long that we might be filled with the Spirit and his fruit be evident in all our dealings with others.

We want to be those who are continually thanking God for the work he is doing in and through our ministry and in the world. We want to avoid presumption, ingratitude, and a failure to see God at work in others.

   3. Godly and faithful


We want to be those who are growing in godliness and gifting, investing in both.

We challenge ungodly behavior amongst ourselves and seek to spur one another on. We refuse to distort the word of God, and we renounce secret and shameful ways.

We renounce worldly wisdom in favor of the wisdom of Christ. We seek to be reliable, trustworthy, and fully faithful in our work by keeping the commitments we make in the course of our work. We are quick to acknowledge mistakes and seek the forgiveness of others whilst also forgiving as we have been forgiven.

   4. Respectful and gentle


We will respect the autonomy of the local church and each church’s individual independence by encouraging the development of qualified and godly local leaders.

We will not claim or exercise authority over our churches but seek – where appropriate – to counsel, persuade, and reason, gently calling churches to be faithful to the commands of Scripture. We seek the good of others before ourselves. We recognize and pray against the sins of boastfulness and pride.

   5. Hard-working and honest


We aim to be eager, diligent, and conscientious, giving ourselves wholly to our work. We seek to avoid overwork, seeing this as a symptom of pride. We want always to act in ways that are clear and transparent. We flee from dishonesty and distortion.

   6. Courageous and clear


We are concerned for theological integrity and adherence to our doctrinal basis and ethos statements, both in ourselves and those we serve. We will take care in the way we speak about other matters over which churches legitimately disagree.

We are courageous in upholding and applying the truth of the Gospel whilst also calling error to account. We always seek to communicate in straightforward ways.

   7. Loving and comforting


We long to be motivated by a deep affection for all God’s people and – in particular - those in our churches, striving for harmony and (where needed) reconciliation.

We abhor self-promotion. We are realistic about both the joys and hardships of Christian ministry and want to encourage others in this exacting task. We want to cultivate and demonstrate empathy and compassion towards those who are struggling.

As far as it depends on us, we want to live at peace with everyone.

   8. Fair and generous


We seek to serve all churches impartially, for example making no distinction based on the size, location, or personal relationships that churches might have with members of the team.  

We long that each should gladly serve others and look to find ways to help this happen. We resist favoritism and nepotism and openly declare interests. We want to be generous with our time and energy in the service of churches.

Our Values

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